An Impressive History is claimed by the Odd Fellows Home of California dating back to 1893 when provisions were made for the establishment of the first Odd Fellows Home in California. That first Home was located at Thermalito, Butte County, three miles from Oroville. The move from Thermalito to a new Odd Fellows Home in Saratoga, Santa Clara County, occurred on November 18, 1912. For nearly 100 years Odd Fellows, their widows and Rebekahs have resided at the Saratoga Home. Originally Two Home Boards – With the purchase in 1992 of The Meadows of Napa Valley, the Odd Fellows of California became owners of two retirement homes managed and operated by two separate non-profit corporations – Odd Fellows Homes of California and Odd Fellows Housing of Napa.

The Home Boards Merge into one corporation as the Odd Fellows Home of California, incorporated as a 501 (3) (c) non-profit corporation. The combined board originally had 17 Directors, but the number of Directors has been reduced gradually until there are now 13 Directors including the Grand Secretary and Grand Treasurer. Visit the Saratoga Retirement Community website and the Meadows of Napa Valley website for detailed information about the two retirement Homes operated by the Odd Fellows Home of California.

Additional information on both facilities may also be obtained by contacting one of the following Directors of the Odd Fellows Home of California. You may contact the Board Members at:

Barry Prock

Grand Secretary

(408) 753-9663

Ron Mills

Grand Treasurer

(408) 753-9663

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Odd Fellows Home of California

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