Growth By Action Program

Educate through workshops

Communication conferencesIncoming Officer seminars
Lodge educational talks
Develop new educational materials
Improving your leadership skills
A-B-Cs of Parliamentary Procedures
Improving your interpersonal skills
Learn how to have successful meetings
Focus on time management
Six Levels of Moral Development
Noble Grand / Vice Grand Leadership Manual ($5)
Membership Handbook ($3)
Professional Membership Video
Laminated Prompt Cards
Supply Other Material
It Can Be Done Manual
The Three Links Fraternity book ($5)
Pamphlets from Grand Lodge and Sovereign Grand Lodge
Maintain Resource Center (all material can be borrowed)
Videos – Power of Vision, Opening and Closing Lodge, Communication Conferences
Odd Fellow and Rebekah banners
Support the IOOF California Grand Lodge Website –
Support the Sovereign Grand Lodge Website –
Develop a Marketing Plan
Encourage Social Activities and Community Service

For more information about implementing the Growth by Action Plan, contact:

Donald Lang
11220 Monterey Ct.
Cupertino CA 95014
(408)252-7405 (fax)