Contact the Odd Fellows of California

Barry Prock (Grand Secretary)                                                Ron Mills ( Grand Treasurer)
122 Race St                                                                                   122 Race St.
San Jose, CA 95126                                 OR                              San Jose, CA  95126
(408) 753-9663 phone                                                               (408) 753-9663 phone                             

Office Hours – Call Prior to Visit

Mon – Thursday  9 am  -  5 pm
Fri  -  9 am  -  12 pm

Grand Lodge Communications Policy: It shall be the policy of the Office of Grand Lodge of California for all communications to be in the spirit of Friendship, Love and Truth, in an effort to raise the character of mankind and assist its membership. The best and preferred method of communicating is by email. ( Your email will act as a record of the discussion and will be forwarded to the appropriate person(s) for action. Be sure to include as much relevant information as possible to include a name, lodge, and phone number. Because use of rude or offensive language is a violation of the spirit of Odd Fellowship, it may be a fraternal matter and will be referred to the Grand Master for further appropriate action. Once referred, all communications will be suspended until the Grand Master has made a determination as to the action, if any, that will be taken to resolve the situation.