2018-2020 Department Association Officers

Lady President
Lady Valerie Hartlage 

Lady Vice President

Lady Denise Cater

Lady Secretary
Lady Debra LaVergne 


Lady Treasurer
Lady Ruth Schuyler 

Junior PastPresident
Lady Jan Hall

2018-2020LAPM Appointed Officers

Officer of the Day

Lady Betty Stevens

Officer of the Guard

Lady Erni Olson


Lady June Gennaria


Lady Barbara Jennings


Lady Pat Aanenson

Color Bearer

Lady Cathy Doub

Canadian Flag Bearer

Lady Jeanette Hughes

Color Sergeant

Lady Pam Powell

Color Guard

Lady Sally Minkler

Hospital Matron

Lady Mary Lou Lang

Right Aide to the President

Lady Betty Jean Reasoner

Right Aide to the Vice President

Lady Roberta Prosk


Lady Roberta Prosk